Lantmännen Unibake @ SMAK 2017

There is nothing which prompts creativity more than designing for an expo:  the competition is never more direct, the impact -  enormous for an insanely short time & you are bound to convey your client's entire product spectrum using only temporary materials. Other words which comes to mind are theatrical, stagy, dramatic, impression, act, hit ... and last but not least WORTH REMEMBERING (especially because of being special and/or unusual). So special & unusual that Lantmännen Belgium has requested an identical replica for their own European expo participation ...

Client - Lantmännen Unibake Norway
Agency - Ace Retail AS
Concept Implementation - John Ødegaard
Creative Director - Boris Iochev
Interior Architecture - Jennifer Valone Thorsen
Graphic Design - Ina Susanne Karlsen
Industrial Design - Halvor Thorsen
3D Illustration/Design - Anders Kjelsrud Christensen
Photography - Studio Dreyer & Hensley