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La Baguette

Avoid those who don’t like baguettes and children
Tiens-toi à distance de celui qui n'aime pas la baguette et la voix d'un enfant

Blender's latest reincarnation is the La Baguette brand and the vision was mindfully carried out by Ace Retail. One located in the heart of Oslo S, shortly followed by another at Farmandstredet shopping centre in Tønsberg, the Quirky-French-Baguetterie is designed to delight, inspire and encourage exploration. The resulting space captures the hearts of children and adults alike. We believe that the story of a space is just as important as the design and the objects that go into it – it all taps into human emotions. The Ace approach is to strip things down to their essence – then build them up from the bedrock. Instead of design, we strive for uniqueness & character. We focus on the language spoken by the ordinary people, because it’s from the heart and helps us reach a larger audience. We are interested in the interaction between space, forms and graphic expressions in a outcome that people can truly use and impulses that genuinely evoke emotions. You have to connect with people emotionally at every moment in their journey, and map how that experience unfolds … À La Baguette, fais comme les Français.

Client - Blender AS
Agency - Ace Retail AS

Director of Inspiration - Boris Iochev
Interior Architect - Jennifer Valone Thorsen
Industrial Design - Halvor Thorsen
Graphic Design - Ina Susanne Karlsen
3D Illustration/Design - Anders Kjelsrud Christensen
Photography - Studio Dreyer & Hensley