Transforming Airports into Shopping Centers

“Effectively, it’s a retail lock in,” argues Fiona Hamilton, retail director of Jones Lang LaSalle, the property consultancy, which is advising several retailers on their expansion strategies. “Over 35m passengers pass through Gatwick a year, which is the same footfall as a very large shopping centre.
At Gatwick, passengers spend an average of 70 minutes milling around shops in the passenger lounge before proceeding to the departure gates.
At Heathrow, overall passenger spend was up 16.4 per cent year-on-year to £208m ($333m) at the end of June.

And that is just a fraction of the article by Financial Times devoted to new trends, consumer behavior & insights regarding the opportunities for retail brands at that new "high street" ...
“It won’t be long before we see the likes of Apple, Hollister and Jack Wills taking space in airports,” argues Fiona Hamilton, retail director of Jones Lang LaSalle, a property consultancy which is currently advising on several airport retail-related transactions. “Retailers who previously would not have considered taking space inside an airport now realise there’s such a lot to go for.”  

We have found the article very insightful and relevant to most of our clients objectives. The rapid expansion of Airport retailing drive brands into more up scale presentation than required at your "corner shop". You can see for yourself with the new Deli de Luca concept store at Norway's Kjevik Airport - the latest collaboration between Jennifer Valone of Odd Thorsen Interiors with Boris Iochev of Holidesign.