Holidesign & Lemonade partners for Deli de Luca’s Interactive

Working closely with Holidesign, Lemonade will provide Deli de Luca and its sub-brands: Deli’s Kitchen & Single Estate a digital boost.

Holidesign founder Boris Iochev has worked for Starbucks in the U.S., and has long collaborated with Deli de Luca through his work with the company design, brand and storytelling.

New to the team’s digital agency Lemonade.

- Deli de Luca is an exciting player who has had quality and innovation in focus ever since they opened in 2003. There we identify ourselves with. We look forward to taking on the task of uniting Deli de Lucas commitment to world cuisine and customer satisfaction in stores with the digital expression, says Ida Johnson, general manager and account manager in Lemonade.

- Lemonade is young, creative and savvy. We are well underway with work and looking forward to see the result at the end of the year, “said Terje Bergh, marketing and founder ¨ at the Deli de Luca.

Pictured from left: Andreas Rating Anger, Boris Iochev, Heidi Heggelund Bjørkli, Terje Bergh, Vibeke Nohr, Mats André Kristiansen, Lise Bjørvik and Ida Johnson

Boris Iochev