A gourmet market with a Brooklyn accent

The first time I took notice of Mucca’s work was 2 years ago, while aimlessly wandering around Park Avenue and 31st street, running into parked Butterfield Market van and it just began to drizzle. What arouse my creative eye was how they were able to offset  the retro feel of the engraving motives with the contemporary color combination of the purple and soft green. Well since discovering Mucca Design that day, their work has been an ongoing inspiration to me. As for all of you who know me well by now, you would know that I have a weak spot for good creative writing.

“The entire retail experience speaks to consumers in a language that makes the daily grocery run a little more palatable. Judging from the number of Brooklyn Fare reusable bags spotted around town, the neighbors agree.” – as stated by Mucca’s team.

Boris Iochev