Our book cover for “The Good Soldiers” by David Finkel

Versal Forlag asked Holidesign to come up with book cover suggestions for Norway’s version of  David Finkel’s – The Good Soldiers.

“The Good Soldiers by David Finkel (Sarah Crichton Books/FSG) is the most honest, most painful, and most brilliantly rendered account of modern war I’ve ever read. I got no exercise at all the day I gulped down its 284 riveting pages.

Early in 2007, Finkel, a Washington Post reporter, embedded himself with the Second Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment of the Fourth Infantry Brigade Combat Team, First Infantry Division colloquially, the 2-16. Its 800 men and women were among the troops who were meant to stabilize Iraq. They were a wave in the surge.” – byline: Daniel Okrent

Boris Iochev