Yummypedia - All the world's goodies!

Work of Holi Design and Lemonade

On Yummypedia you together with Deli de Luca and other verdensmatentusiaster dive into treasures from the world infinitely large (and pretty crazy) selection of candy.

Deli de Luca presents Yummypedia. A place to collect all kinds of goodies.

Since Deli de Luca opened his first store in 2003, they have hunted for exciting and tasty products from home and abroad. When the first customers stepped over the threshold in April 2003, they could find delicious cakes from USA, Skittles, Mountain Dew, Cupcakes on store shelves.

It is located in the Deli de Luca's DNA to be inquisitive. They are verdensmatentusiaster and this has spilled over to their customers.

To engage their customers even faster in the pursuit of all kinds of goodies, not to mention show competitors who finds what first, launching Deli de Luca now Yummypedia. A place where fans can identify products from all over the world.

The most popular products Deli de Luca will attempt to bring into their stores.

"The solution is designed so that everyone can contribute with findings from anywhere in the world. This provides a unique insight on what is popular - not to mention it's fun for customers to help in the hunt. "Said Ida Johnson, Account Manager at Lemonade.

"And the idea is that we will eventually get a unique list of cool products from all over the world."

The most committed customers will be able to win trips to places they've never been before by contributing to identify Goodies worldwide.

"This is not a campaign solution. It is a service from Deli de Luca to grow bigger and better. What we have created is a sort of absolute minimum solution (MVP), which will be further developed if it proves to be popular among Deli-fans. "Says Mats André, concept developer at Lemonade.

The solution is made in a joint Holidesign, Lemonade and Funkbit and was launched on 1 February.

Check out the solution to Please take a swift look in on the new website to Deli de Luca too;

Boris Iochev